Sometimes when I am on the subway I wonder, ”what and with whom will the person sitting next to me eat tonight?” I have a desperate curiosity to understand the lives of strangers. Ever since I was a child, I have imagined and used conjecture to construct lives for random people I have come in contact with. Currently, I am portraying this interest on my artwork.

Human figures represented in magazines are visually catching to our eyes; however, they actually are distant beings who we would never come in contact with. Nevertheless, these people also have personal lives. In my artwork, I sketch the figures portrayed in the media which is the very symbol of strangers. My habitual fantasy begins there. In my artwork, human figures are painted into abstract forms on canvas by not being able to capture their original existence. It is not an easy task to understand other people. I surmise the stranger’s life through paintings.

Through another body of my work, which is an installation based work using fabrics, I tried to investigate people from a different direction. Textiles are indispensable for human life. Textiles reflect different nationalities, religions, and life styles. I attempt to experience their lives and expand my imagination of the people by cutting and sewing their textiles together.

To summarize, I deal with my attraction toward unknown people through artwork by giving outward observation and inner assumption.