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Paintings on fabrics for daily use


I’ve been painting on a fabric as a canvas. Through another body of my work, which is an installation based work using fabrics, I tried to investigate people with inner assumption.

Textiles are indispensable for human life. Textiles reflect different nationalities, religions, and life styles. I attempt to experience their lives and expand my imagination of the people by painting on a fabric for daily use, like outfit, place mat, curtain, etc.



落果 / Catching

お手上げ / Sunk

浜 / Beach

日の終わり / The End of the Day

蚊帳の中 / In a Mosquito Net

ストっキング / Stocking

フル / Full Up

アンクレット / Anklet

ラグ / Rug

トップス / Tops

ジーンズ / Jeans

失礼して / Excuse Me